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Personal Injury Accident Attorney Randall SevenishWe have experienced, dedicated Indianapolis personal injury attorneys and staff, who will work hard to get you all the cash and benefits you deserve for your injuries. Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation with insurance companies for being aggressive and fighting for the rights of our clients. We are there for you every step of the way. We will meet with you where and when it’s convenient for you and ensure that you understand what legal options you have available. You’ll feel comfortable knowing our Indianapolis accident lawyers are working for you. There is no fee unless we win your case. You can trust Sevenish Law just as thousands of other accident victims have trusted us.

Our practice has come a long way since the beginning, but it has only gotten stronger. Here, find out more about our personal injury law firm in Indianapolis, including our core values, our law firm’s history, and other details about our practice.

We treat our clients as individuals and invite them to do the same for us. Our bio pages offer a look inside the personal lives, professional backgrounds, and interests of the attorneys and staff at the Sevenish Law Firm. Meet the people who will be fighting on your behalf, here.

Randall Sevenish


Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Randall SevenishA Lifetime of Service—Here is My Story…My entire adult life has been dedicated to serving others. I have a long history of helping, teaching, educating and protecting others in a variety of arenas, including injury law, law enforcement and martial arts.

I served the Indianapolis public as a decorated Police Captain, police academy instructor and SWAT team Commander all while attending law school.

As Karate Sensei, it was my pleasure to serve by teaching self-defense and karate to hundreds of Indiana police, adults, children and the disabled – changing lives. A 6th Degree Black Belt certification qualified me to serve the city and state as Karate Commissioner for the World Police & Fire Games.

As an injury lawyer since 1985, I continue to proudly, ethically and aggressively serve the community by protecting the rights of those wrongfully injured. Serving others is “who I am” and my deep-rooted Christian faith requires me to “do the right thing” in all aspects of my life.

Having a servant’s heart is why I became an Injury Lawyer.


Randy grew up in Rossford, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, as the oldest of nine children in his family. He attended Rossford High School, where he served as the senior class president and captain of the varsity football, track and wrestling teams. He has been named to the Rossford High Athletic Hall of Fame.

He went on to attend Western Kentucky University on a football scholarship and ultimately finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Indianapolis.

Police Captain Randall SevenishIn 1973, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, and he made the most of his opportunity by rising to the rank of Captain and SWAT Commander for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. He was assigned as Master Police Instructor at the Police Academy both for the Sheriff’s Department and for the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Over the course of his law enforcement career, Randy attained numerous honors, awards and accomplishments, including:

  • Founding and serving as Commander of the county’s first SWAT team
  • Graduating from the FBI Law Institute and Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Receiving the “Police Officer of the Year” award from the City of Indianapolis.

In 1984, Randy graduated from the University of Indiana School of Law in Indianapolis and embarked on his new career as a lawyer in 1985. For a number of years, he continued as a police officer/Captain while practicing law with his own firm until regretfully retiring from his law enforcement family in 1990 to practice law full-time.

From the start, he has focused his legal practice exclusively on representing accident and injury victims.

“Law enforcement shaped my character,” Randy says, “and from those years, I gained valuable accident investigation skills that I still employ today in seeking compensation for my clients.”

Martial Arts Training

Fortunately for him, Randy says, he enjoyed a Christian upbringing as a child and young man and is a lifelong practicing Catholic. He attributes this training as the basis of all of his Core Values, which demand integrity and dedication to “doing the right thing” both in his personal life as well as in his professional capacity when representing his many clients.

He is a long-time member of the Christian Legal Society and constantly strives to meet the challenges that arise when attempting to balance Christian principles and the Law. Randy has always had a deep spiritual faith, reflected in his law firm’s logo, and he maintains his family as his top priority, which includes his law enforcement family.

He has been married to his wife, Regina Sevenish, Office Administrator of Sevenish Law, for more than 40 years. They have two daughters, Alyssa and Abby.

Sensei Randall Sevenish

Randy and Regina also recently became proud grandparents and now have two grandsons. Alyssa is married to Steve Rose and their son is Orion. Abby is married to John Campbell and their son is Wyatt.

Randy and Regina regularly attend church and are members of the Saints Francis & Clare Catholic Church in Greenwood.

While he has been inspired “to do the right thing” by his faith and his family, he has also been influenced by his participation in martial arts.

Randy holds a Master Rank (6th-Degree Black Belt) in Isshinryu Karate and is a member of the World Karate Union & Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame. He has passed on his self-defense skills to thousands of Indiana law enforcement officers and citizens, earning recognition from U.S. Martial Arts Business Information Magazine as one of the top 100 martial arts instructors in the country.

Sensei Sevenish and his wife, Regina, ran two highly successful martial arts schools while practicing law for well over a decade and trained numerous students and police to a high level, including National or World Karate Champions, as well as both of their daughters.

His karate dojo was the first to introduce nationally a competition division for karate students suffering from MS and confined to a wheelchair, which was entitled the “Special Abilities Division” and is one of his and Regina’s proudest moments.

“It’s a hobby that embodies everything that I and Sevenish Law stand for: Integrity, honor and discipline – and aggressively bringing the fight to the opponent,” he says. “Make no mistake – a personal injury claim is a fight!”

And because of his national martial arts reputation and 6th-Degree Black Belt Master rating, Randy was asked to serve as Karate Commissioner for Indianapolis when it hosted the “World Police & Fire Games” – a competition of law enforcement and firefighting professionals from throughout the world and second only in size to the Olympic Games.

Avid Cyclist

As a highly decorated law enforcement officer, Randall “Randy” Sevenish rendered aid to victims and took on bad guys. As a lawyer, he doesn’t believe his job has really changed much.

“Even though I no longer kick in doors, I’m still protecting people like I did when I was a police officer, and I’m still pursuing the bad guys,” says Randy, who is sometimes called the “SWAT Lawyer” by those who know him.

Randall Sevenish Motorcyclist“The difference is that, in my present work, the ‘bad guys’ are the people who cause injuries through their negligence and the insurance companies who try to deny rightful compensation,” he says.

Since he established Sevenish Law Firm, Randy has earned a reputation for taking on “tough cases,” negotiating aggressively with insurance companies and skillfully presenting cases in court on his clients’ behalf.

His firm assists those who have been seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, car and truck accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, construction and workplace accidents, slip-and-falls, dog bites, and other personal injury cases.

The firm places a special focus on motorcycle and bicycle accident cases. This is due to the fact that Randy and Regina have been avid motorcyclists for over 40 years and lifelong bicyclists. As such, when it comes to cases of this nature, he is a “Real Motorcycle Lawyer and Real Rider©.” As such, cyclists and bikers know, like and trust Sevenish Law.

“I think bikers and cyclists know that I understand the physics and dynamics involved with riding motorcycles and bicycles, and I appreciate the seriousness of the losses that bikers and cyclists suffer when they are in an accident,” says Randy, whose firm is the only one in Indiana to be recommended by the national RoadGuardians organization.

The firm is a highly active advocate in the state of Indiana for and

Dedicated Servant

Randy and ReginaSo that he can focus the full extent of his firm’s attention and resources on each client it serves, Randy accepts only a limited number of cases. In addition, he believes there are a select number of cases in which a lawyer is just not necessary. He will only accept cases in which he believes, because of his involvement, his clients will actually be better off financially – with attorney fees – as opposed to handling the matter alone – without attorney fees. He believes, after all, “This is the client’s case, not the lawyer’s case.” Clients First always.

His clients benefit from an approach that is reflected in the firm’s Clients First® Guarantee and Client’s Bill of Rights. The policy guarantees numerous rights, including the client’s right to make ultimate decisions in a case and to always collect more than the firm does from a verdict or settlement. The firm also vows to keep clients constantly updated on the status of their case.

“The guiding principle is that we respect our clients and treat them as the valuable human beings that they are instead of seeing them only as opportunities for potential income,” Randy says. “In other words, at the Sevenish Law Firm, our clients and their best interests always come first.”

Regina Sevenish


Regina Sevenish, Legal Business & Marketing ProfessionalRegina Sevenish, wife and best friend of the law firm’s founder, Randy, are partners in so many ways. They have and continue to share business ventures, fun activities in and outside of the legal arena and enjoy a wonderful family. She enjoys being involved in the public relations, marketing and educational aspects of the firm because of the opportunity to meet with,  educate and genuinely help people in need.


Her background includes attending Indiana State University, holding positions as an educator & counselor at the Indiana State School for the Deaf, as well as in public relations, marketing, management and sales in a variety of business arenas including the health & fitness industry and in serving as General Manager and co-owner of the Sevenish Training Center, Inc., an award winning martial arts school named one of the “Top 100 Martial Arts Schools in the U.S.”


Her most prized accomplishment is having been blessed with two outstanding daughters, Alyssa and Abby. In previous years they enjoyed and weathered teaching together at the family-owned martial arts school and now they enjoy riding their Harley Davidsons together. The girls have made her proud, and continue to make her proud in their many accomplishments.

Already an avid biker with her husband, she enjoys being involved in many different capacities in the bike community, such as events and activities throughout the State of Indiana. She can appreciate and relate to fellow bikers and how they feel not only from lessons learned from the firm’s own tragically injured clients but from her own “close calls”  such as when a driver “rides your tail,” doesn’t use turn signals or pulls out in front of you “as if you don’t exist.”As a result, she remains committed to the education of the general public with regard to motorcycle safety issues.

She is actively engaged in and is always seeking opportunities to provide educational information to those who have a concern for traffic safety, especially motorcycles, bicyclists, vehicle owners and operators, young teen drivers and programs involving seniors, “boomers” and in the Christian population.


Her favorite things, aside from shopping of course, are riding her “Fat Boy” Trike with her husband, family and friends, entertaining, riding horses, staying in shape by bicycling, practicing Qigong and eating as an Alkalarian. She also enjoys gardening and is proud to have a “green thumb.” She remains the proprietor of and is continually planting trees and flowers, for the purpose of expanding her gardens for the birds, bees and butterflies. And last but not least, she loves training and playing with her extended “animal family” which includes many dogs, cats and birds.

Shannon Majors

Office Manager/Paralegal

Shannon Majors, Paralegal for Sevenish Law Firm, Personal Injury AttorneysOffice manager Shannon Majors is an integral member of the Sevenish Law legal team, responsible for a broad range of important duties.

As the firm’s principal paralegal, Shannon is the primary contact person for many clients. At the beginning of a case, she conducts intake interviews to gather important information from clients. She then maintains contact with clients by updating them on case developments and answering any questions they may have.

In addition, Shannon is in charge of the firm’s marketing and all aspects of keeping the office running as efficiently as possible.

An Indianapolis native, Shannon received her A.A. degree in paralegal studies (with honors) from Ivy Tech in 2006 and a B.A. from Indiana University in 2008. She also received a business certificate from Kelly School of Business in 2008. She worked at another law firm before joining SevenishLaw in 2009.

“There are a lot of things I love about my job,” she says. “The thing I like best is when we’re able to finally resolve someone’s case and help them.”

Oftentimes, she provides emotional and psychological support to clients in need who are often somewhat frightened of what may lie ahead, according to Shannon.

“I try to make it as easy as possible for people because they don’t know what to expect. We do, because we do it every day,” she says. “I try to make sure they understand why certain things have to be done the way that they are. They have so many questions and they need someone who’s going to be there to give them the answers.”

Shannon keeps up to date on professional developments as an active member of the National Federation of Paralegals.